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Teaches you how to properly use a muffle furnace
1, when once again use the ceramic fibre muffle furnace after the first time to use or long-term disabled ,the oven must be carried out. Baking time should be at room temperature to 200 degrees for four hours. 200 degrees to 600 degrees for four hours. When used, the temperature shall not exceed a maximum rated temperature, so as to avoid burning heating element. Prohibits the infusion of liquid molten metal in the furnace, and muffle furnace best to work at less than the maximum temperature of 50 degrees below the furnace, furnace has a long life.

2, Muffle furnace and controller can work only when the relative humidity does not exceed 85%, no conductive dust , explosive gas or corrosive gas. Any metals require heating, such as oil, a large number of volatile gases will influence and corrosion the surface of the heating element, making it destroy and shorten its life. Therefore, when heating should timely make prevention ,well sealed containers or appropriate openings be excluded.

3, Muffle controllers should be limited to used within ambient temperature 0-40 degrees.

4, In accordance with the technical requirements, regularly check the electric furnace,the wiring of controller for well,the pointer of indicator movement without stuck , with potentiometer proof instrument due to magnetic, demagnetization, up wire, shrapnel fatigue, damage balance caused errors.

5, Thermocouple do not suddenly pull out at high temperatures to prevent coat burst.

6, keeping a clean furnace, removing oxides in the furnace .


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