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The people in the disaster area refueling!
 Xinhua news agency, Sichuan Ya'an 23 April Xinhua 23, is the Sichuan Ya'an Lushan "4 · 20" earthquake occurred on the fourth day. Early in the morning that day, xixilili rain, "rain" will come.

The reporter saw in Tianquan County Ya'an city adjacent to Lushan County Xinhua township government, the yard is very lively, the original village is aid. Mineral water, instant noodles, tent...... All the affected areas urgently needed goods.

Xinhua township party secretary Zhang Zegang told reporters, this two days, all kinds of relief supplies were transported to the town, they were assigned according to the damage, by the village cadres generation brought back, and as soon as possible to extend to the people.

"Our village next to the hardest hit Lushan County, although the casualties rarely, completely collapsed houses are not many, but the housing internal injuries heavier, more than 90% houses would be dangerous, can not live, is to stand the ruins." Zhang Zegang said.

In the Xinhua Township change village, reporters saw in groups of three and four, the villagers are busy building, strengthening disaster relief tents. After the earthquake, the villagers differ not to lean, rely through one's own efforts, to build a new temporary home use plastic cloth, striped cloth at home in front of the open space.

"Rainy day up to around the tent, dug a ditch......" Yang Furong of 66 years old Party member wearing "Party member" tea sets, while the villagers busy side to everyone said, "the face of natural disasters, we must learn to self-help, unity, mutual assistance, to tide over the crisis."

In 1984, because the neighbor on fire, Yang Furong house was burnt. Second years, he built the two layers of the building now. However, in this earthquake, the house was severely damaged, after the wall fell, unable to live.

Even so, Yang Furong is very strong, very optimistic: "people are not always the scourge. There is concern of the party and the government, the people's support, we will hearten spirit, strengthen confidence, rebuild their homes." After the earthquake, Yang Furong is very busy, and village cadres with the distribution of relief supplies, to help the villagers put up a tent, who family hand is not enough, he will take the initiative to help.

In the village, a simple plastic shed, curl smoke slowly rising, several women are making lunch for the villagers. The village Party branch secretary Takazawa Mi said, after the earthquake, they organize the villagers built a dozen fixed "collective restaurant" in the village, the women took turns for everyone to do a "mess". Your home, my home food grain, his family out of the flesh, we share together, help each other, so that the villagers become one family.

In Tianquan County was Yang Zhen Le Village, the villagers or gather to chat in their tents, or lay in the tent to sleep. The village Party branch secretary Gao Yichang told reporters, 527 households in the village, damage to housing, can not live more than 300 households. Now, the whole village all affected households have been set up tents, families free combination to cook, eat, live problems are solved.

The reporter saw in the Le Village, the village tent every kind of, the largest can accommodate 30 persons. The villagers Gao Lianwen told reporters, high home secretary of housing also damaged, but after the earthquake, he can not attend to their relief, is the first organization villagers transfer, avoid disaster, then mobilized rely through one's own efforts, to find wood, mountain cut bamboo, tent, "our village is the fastest."

The villagers Yuan Min is lucky, the earthquake, she successfully rescued her two month old daughter. "These days, the government and the people who love the relief supplies were issued to our village, tents, instant noodles, mineral water, raincoat...... Used to eat there, everyone's heart more practical." Yuan Min hugged her sleeping child says to the reporter, "house collapsed, but we rebuild confidence does not collapse.

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